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The University of Alabama Houston Alumni chapter fosters friendships among Bama alumni and friends to recruit students and generate scholarship funding.

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August 12-16

The 2020 Silent Auction Fundraiser is live!

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Help make our chapter bigger and better

Join Bama Houston leaders to help make our chapter stronger. We want to better serve our members and students across the metroplex. Training and support provided for all positions.

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2021-22 Annual Membership

Join the Houston, Texas UA Alumni Chapter to support our scholarships, connect with the Bama Houston community and support future and current students.

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Recent News

Bama Houston is deeply grateful to these 2021-2022 Scholarship Supporters who are helping Houston-area students realize the dream of attending The University of Alabama!

Kip Alstaetter
Chris McPherson
Ronnie & Nancy Mills
David & Becky Roberts
Mandy & Ronna Selber
Bradford & Kelly Sutton
Les Yates