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Bama Houston proudly serves Houston-area alumni, students, parents and friends of The University of Alabama

Bama Houston Chapter Goals

Support Houston-area students

The Houston chapter of The University of Alabama Alumni Association supports the UA Regional Admissions Recruiter, based in Houston, in recruiting and sending future students to the Capstone, and in supporting current Houston-area students attending UA.

Grow chapter scholarships

Out-of-state tuition continues to rise, so one of the best ways to support out-of-state students is through scholarship contributions. Four scholarship opportunities are currently available for Houston-area students who are incoming freshmen at UA. We would like to add more scholarships.

Support Chapter Scholarships

Connect with Alabama alumni, parents and friends

To provide a supportive network for students and alumni, our chapter is committed to growing the Crimson Tide community in Houston.

Bama Houston Leadership

The 2020-21 Board of Bama Houston is committed to reinvigorating the chapter. This year we are focused on connecting alumni, members, and friends of the Houston metro area.

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Vacant since October 2021
Deana Watkins
VP of Events
November 2021
Debbie Smith
Since 2018
Alex Morris
Nancy Mills
Scholarship Manager
Since 2017
BK Covington
Marketing Manager
Mary Jim Montgomery
Student Outreach Coordinator
Janet Jordan
Merchandise Manager
Since 2020
Russell Durand
Intramural Coordinator
Since 2020
Leah Westfall
Special Events Coordinator
Beth Keene
April 2021

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Our chapter functions best with the support of our many volunteers. We are seeking a variety of members to help support these unique roles.

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