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Bama Houston proudly serves Houston-area alumni, students, parents and friends of The University of Alabama

Bama Houston Chapter Goals

01. Students

Support Houston-area students

The Houston chapter of The University of Alabama Alumni Association exists to recruit, send and support future and current students at the Capstone.

02. Scholarship

Grow the chapter scholarship fund

Out-of-state tuition continues to rise, so one of the best ways to support out-of-state students is through scholarship contributions. Bama Houston currently has four scholarship opportunities for students. We would like to add two more scholarship opportunities by 2024. Learn more about our scholarships.

03. Community

Connect with Alabama alumni, parents and friends

To provide a supportive network for students and alumni, our chapter is committed to growing the Crimson Tide community in Houston.

Bama Houston Leadership

Passionate about The University of Alabama and Houston, Texas

The 2019-20 Board of Bama Houston is committed to reinvigorating the chapter. This year we are focused on connecting alumni, members, and friends of the Houston metro area. Connect with each leader through their Linkedin profile or our Vice President, Lindsay, can connect you to an individual leader when you email us at bama.in.houston@gmail.com

We are always looking for volunteers and committee members. Check out the Get Involved page

George Sargant
Since 2018
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Vice President
Lindsay Rostron
Since 2018
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Debbie Smith
Since 2018
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Scholarship Officer
Nancy Mills
Since 2017
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Alumni Student Recruitment Officer
Joshua Garza
Since 2019
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Website Officer
Michelle Sue Agee
Since 2019
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Volunteer Opportunities

Our chapter functions best with the support of our many volunteers. Bama Houston is seeking a variety of members to help support the chapter.

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