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Creating a Scholarship Endowment Fund

Funding a scholarship is much easier than it might seem

Endowing a scholarship helps deserving young people realize the dream of a higher education from The University of Alabama. This is extremely gratifying for donors. So is the knowledge that your scholarship lives in perpetuity since awards are made from interest earnings. 

Funding a scholarship is much easier than it might seem.

A gift of $25,000, payable over five years, endows a chapter scholarship. Best of all, the National Alumni Association (NAA) provides an annual match to any contributions made to your scholarship during the fiscal year. These funds come from UA’s National Alumni Association Collegiate License Tag program. During the last five fiscal years (ending 2020-21), the NAA has awarded a match averaging 80.6% of annual contributions. For 2020-21, the match was at 100%! Not only does this provide the best ROI around, but it helps you reach the $25,000 endowment level more quickly. Of course, if your employer provides a corporate match, you can endow your scholarship even faster. 

Endowed scholarships can honor a spouse, family member, friend or colleague in a way that is meaningful to them. Endowed scholarships can also provide the comfort of memorializing a loved one with a living legacy that will touch generations to come. 

To learn more about funding a chapter scholarship to help deserving Houston-area students, please contact Nancy Mills, scholarship chair, at

Note: Only scholarships endowed through the National Alumni Association are eligible for the collegiate license tag match.