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How To Start A Watch Party

Houston is a huge city! Help Bama Houston serve our members across the metro by hosting a watch party in your area!

Here are the five steps in becoming a watch party host

  1. Determine the games you will host a watch party
  2. Connect with Bama Houston President
  3. Select + partner with a venue
  4. Promote the watch party
  5. Host the event

1+2 Becoming a watch party host

Want to host a watch party in your area? Great! Determine if you want to host one or more games in the upcoming season then reach out to George Sargent, Bama Houston Chapter President by email orby completing the contact form.

3. Selecting a watch party venue

Secure dedicated location with a guarantee the specific sporting event will be played to the benefit of the alumni and fans watching the sport. When choosing a location think about these things 

  • The sound of the sporting event needs to be played at an appropriate sound level so that all attendees can hear the event
  • Preferable locations will not charge a fee for the use of their facilities. It is understood the purpose is to promote a mutually beneficial event for both the host location and our alumni chapter
  • Will the host location offer a separate seating area? Is there seating flexibility to allow for large audience?
  • Are their drink and food specials catering to Alabama Alumni?
  • Is parking plentiful and easily accessible?
  • Is the host location willing to hang a chapter banner (possibly semi permanently through the season)

4. Help us promote your watch party!

Promotion of the watch party location is important to both the location and Bama Houstion. In that regard, a request should be made to ask the restaurant/bar location to support our event through their social media. At the same time, Bama Houston wants to support the restaurant /bar location by promoting on our website and social media. If there are digital logos and materials that Bama Houston may use, we need to ask permission to use and secure it for event promotion.

5. Leading the watch party

A watch party host will act as liaison between Bama Houston and attendees. Here are some of the responsibilities of a Watch Part Host 

  • Welcoming attendees including new visitors
  • Promoting upcoming alumni events
  • Promoting paid chapter membership
  • Securing name tags and shakers from chapter leaders and making those available at the watch party
  • Serving as, or finding a volunteer to serve as, cheerleader of the fan base throughout the event. For example play “Yea Alabama” and “Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer” during commercial breaks and end of game, etc.
  • Managing door prizes and raffles, or finding volunteers to support this activity. Hosts may decide what and how many raffle prizes are displayed, if any. Hosts should account for revenue generated by raffle and determine the best way to get money to chapter treasurer.
  • Working with designated chapter leader to gain approval for expenditures and to submit proper documentation to chapter treasurer for reimbursement.
  • Taking pictures during watch party, or asking an attendee to do so, and submitting to chapter for social media posts

You don’t have to host alone! Get friends or family involved!

  • Hosts are encouraged to develop a team of individuals to help support the watch party functions.

*** If a host is unable to attend a watch party, it is their responsibility to find and train a temporary replacement host and to communicate that information with designated chapter leader.