June 15, 2020

Megan and Ellie Thank You, Our Donors

Although nine years separate the beginning of their college careers at The University of Alabama, Megan O’Malley and Ellie Dingwall share two things in common.

Although nine years separate the beginning of their college careers at The University of Alabama, Megan O’Malley and Ellie Dingwall share two things in common. Both unexpectedly lost their fathers at a young age, growing up with only their mom and a younger sibling. And both are recipients of our chapter’s Houston Texas Chapter Endowed Scholarship.

Megan, a 2010 graduate of Galveston’s O’Connell HighSchool, and Ellie, a 2019 graduate of Cypress Ridge High School, represent two outstanding Houston-area students who are deeply appreciative for our chapter’s scholarship support.  Since the Houston Texas Chapter Endowed Scholarship reached full endowment in October 1996, dozens of local high school seniors have received financial awards from its endowment earnings to attend UA.

Megan, a 2014 UA graduate and creative content specialist with Thompson & Co. Public Relations, recently moved from Houston to head-up the agency’s New York City office. When evaluating colleges, she considered academics and school spirit. Megan knew, even before visiting Tuscaloosa, that Alabama had a highly ranked public relations program, in addition to many other prestigious programs.

“It didn’t take long for me to realize that Alabama wasn’t just a beautiful campus with friendly people who like to say Roll Tide.It was a campus that attracts the best students, the best professors, and the best athletes, from around the world,” Megan said.

Receiving the chapter’s endowed scholarship sealed the deal for Megan to enroll at UA. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in publicrelations, she received practical experience that lies at the heart of UA College of Communication and Information Science programs. Megan created and implemented a real-world public relations campaign and built an impressive portfolio of experience.

“I am thankful that Alabama gave me four great years in college - the fun times, memories and friendships that will last a lifetime, but I am even more grateful for a bigger gift it has given me, the future,” said Megan in speaking to a group of local alumni.  “Alabama provided me with a respected academic background that has opened the door to a worldwide network of alumni. Although I am no longer a student, my ties to Alabama are still a very defining part of who I am. I am forever grateful to everyone who contributed to the Houston Texas Chapter Endowed Scholarship because without that scholarship, I would not have been able to go to The University of Alabama.”

Ellie, a freshman majoring in social work, instantly fell in love with Alabama when she visited the campus last year as a high school senior. “It felt like home to me, and I had not felt like that during any other campus visits.”

She plans to pursue a master’s degree in social work and a career where she can positively impact children.

“This scholarship has given my family some financial relief, and I feel extremely thankful and blessed to have received it,” Ellie told chapter leaders. “I will be eternally grateful for your very generous scholarship.”

These are just two of the many deserving Houston-area students who have benefited from our Houston Texas Chapter Endowed Scholarship.For the current UA academic year, 13 outstanding Houston-area students are receiving awards totaling $15,500 from the endowment proceeds of this scholarship.

To bolster the interest earnings for this scholarship and provide greater aid to Houston students, Bama Houston is joining the global GivingTuesday initiative. Financia lgifts to the chapter’s Dollars 4 HoustonScholars campaign will help provide even more support to the roughly 100 to130 freshmen from Houston who enroll at UA each fall.

To learn more, and to invest in the lives of UA studentsfrom Houston, please visit the GivingTuesday webpage on the Bama Houston website.

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