June 15, 2020

Thanks for coming out to Tide on the Town

Bama Houston's first dinner series was a success. Learn about what we discussed at the event.

Bama Houston's new leadership hosted its first dinner series to meet UA alumni and friends of the Tide across the Houston-metro area. We had a blast at each of our dinners. To help us plan more events in your area, we need you to get involved with the chapter or email us your event ideas.

If you didn't make it to the event, help us answer a few questions by taking a quick survey. Some of the questions include:

  • how far are you willing to drive to events
  • what kind of events would you like to see planned?

Here's what we discussed at the event:

Bama Houston Summary

What are the chapter's goals and priorities?

  1. Recruit local student to attend The University of Alabama and to provide information to prospective students and parents, working in conjunction with our UA regional recruiter
  2. Generate scholarship funds for students
  3. Provide networking opportunities for alumni, parents of students, students and fans
  4. Grow our chapter membership
  5. Have Fun! Provide social opportunities for local alumni and/or friends of the university
  6. Field trips to football games when feasible (Aggie Bash - Texas A&M, bowl games, etc.)
  7. Provide mentoring opportunities to students, summer interns, other young professionals

Bama Houston Stats:

  • 3500 plus alumni in the metropolitan area
  • 1800 in our chapter database, 20% open rate
  • Houston chapter is one of the fastest growing chapters at an estimated 100-150 alumni moving here each year
  • The University has targeted Texas, and our great city of Houston, for future student population growth

Current chapter efforts and goals include:h

Chapter Goals:

  1. Laying a foundation of board infrastructure, by-laws, etc. We are still seeking and recruiting volunteers for key positions, Learn how to get involved
  2. Working closely with the local University recruiter, Magan Borden, to help recruit Houston-area students to UA
  3. Creating overall better membership value while supporting chapter goals. We have a renewed membership drive to increase our annual membership for 2019-2020
  4. New website to support our long-term growth
  5. Redevelop networking efforts to better recruit both students and alumni

Our current event efforts include:

  1. Beat the Aggie Bash – October 11 and 12
  2. Developing golf activity/team designed for future (SEC) tournament challenges to generate funding
  3. Improving football watch party attendance at both Craft Republic and Dogwood
  4. Support Beyond Bama and local nonprofit, such as the Houston Food Bank

Houston Alumni Chapter Needs

Check out our Get Involved page to learn about all our volunteer opportunities.

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