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Parent Networking Group Organizer

On-going volunteer

The coordinator’s initial function is to build a network of parents who have or had students attend the University.  The position requires locating and listing current and future students and of course connecting with their parents. Parents of these students are contacted with the idea of forming a network where parents may support each other and the students

1. Recruit parents to join the Bama Houston Parents Group: A primary recruiting source of parents for the coordinator are both the national and local parents facebook groups. The Facebook groups are an excellent source of information and for building this parent network.

2. Determine needs of parents and/or their students might have and brainstorm how chapter can help them ( For example: send student care packages )

3. Collaborate with parents group identify prospective students and share names/information with UA Regional Recruiter and Alumni Student Recruiter.

4. Help transition parents into Bama Houston members — Encourage parents to participate other chapter activities and to become paid members of the chapter

5. Attend University sponsored Send Off Parties & Yield Events + Encourage other parents are encouraged to support Send Off Parties and Yield Events.

6. Identify current parents who are champions of UA who might be

  • available to speak to prospective parents either 1 on 1 or in group settings to share their positive experiences
  • interested in serving in volunteer roles in Bama Houston alumni chapter
  • interested in establishing a scholarship for a Houston-area student in conjunction with Bama Houston alumni chapter

7. this coordinator may assist in locating mentors, motivation speakers and connections to Admissions and Scholarship departments at the University. 

Always support the local alumni board/officers and the goals and directions the board wishes to pursue.

Committee Position
Time Commitment: attend average one event a month
Reports to President and Vice President

Training and support provided for all positions. If you’re interested in any of these roles, please email or text us at 346.268.RTR1 (7871).

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